For President of the 

 European Youth Forum 

My vision

To create a world where young people's social, economic and political rights are protected and respected; where youth organisations are financially and politically empowered to deliver their missions; where democracy and civic space are strong and resilient and where we take meaningful action to stabilise the climate and biodiversity crisis.

External priorities

Democracy and civic space are under immense pressure. Youth organisations are a driving force in tackling big challenges and protecting the rights of young people. We must fight for democracy and our place in it. 

To make change, youth organisations need sustainable, long term and reliable funding. We must change the funding environment so we can put up a sustained fight for Youth Rights.

For young people to access their rights, and for democracy to work, we need fair and rights-based social, economic and political systems that include and empower young people. 

The climate crisis is the defining challenge of our time. While other crises take our attention, we need to remind policy makers that the climate crisis is as urgent: it must be top of the agenda.

Internal priorities

Our internal democracy is the backbone of the Forum. For our democracy to be sustainable and productive, it must be well governed and accessible to all members. To achieve that we must become more inclusive, transparent and accountable.

For our internal democracy to be meaningful we need to build a sense of community and teamship that creates more value for delegates and members and makes the Youth Forum a place of safety, connection, inspiration and pride.

Blackboard Transparent

the plan

Rebuild the connection between the board and our members by bringing members back to the heart of our work

Empower our members by strengthening the funding environment and civic space in Europe

Use our collective power to create a world where young people's social, economic and political rights are realised